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Leo Hedman Why a covered aerial circus rope or cloud?
The advantages are that covered rope, done properly, is softer, and much less painful than other types of rope. All aerial work is somewhat painful, but covered rope enables you to train longer without burns and bruises (same pain level as silks/tissu for those of you in the know for the original smooth type cover).
Because of the softness you also get a better grip with your hands compared to some other ropes since covered rope compresses around your grip. The smoothness of our original cover makes them somewhat more slippery when you are not gripping with your hands though, and they do require a bit more rosin than other types of ropes like 3 ply or braided, but it is very easy to get used to. Our original cover is extra smooth, and hurt skin less
  Tulip red and Black covers and ropes.    

than American or Canadian covered ropes .But from Jan 2016 we will also provide rougher covers, with similar weave to American and Canadian covered ropes, also now availble in difffent width. Orignal smooth comes in 104mm or 106mm circumfernce, medium-rough comes in 103 and 105mm. Extra-rough cover comes in 104 and 106 mm and Semi-smooth comes in 106mm only. We can also dye your rope your favourite colour, making training so much more fun, or your show so much more stylish. Also check out our rope bags to keep your rope out of harms way.

Click here for main colours available from DYLON's range, but we can also mix colours to almost any hue. Have a look at our Facebook group for pictures of previous ropes and colours we tried.

  Leo Hedman  
    3 ply style rope - Photo by: Bertil Nilsson  
Leo Hedman      


- Our rope covers have a circumference of 103-106mm, but squeeze down to less, and can be any length you require. And you can chose how thick core is making rope less or more 'fat'.

- The cover is a cotton tube which we can dye for you in almost any colour.
- The core is done with cotton fibres. WLL is 390 kg, BBL for core is over 2750kg. Our cores have been batch tested to 2750kg without breakage. The cover on its own has a BBL of 600kg, but most of the weight of the rope artist will be on the core of the rope.

Leo Hedman
Leo HedmanLeo Hedman  

- The top of the rope have an integrated pear shaped Steel Maillon Rapide with BBL 36Kn.

- We can also make ropes with two attachment points for Cloud(swing) use, or on top of an aerial hoop or for trapezes. Also availble with sling end instead of metal end to be able to sue both as cloud and normal rope. If you don't want to source your own trapeze bar we can also provide that, ask for more details.


COMING SOON: WEB SPINN ROPE, approximate price for 8m £250

8 meter white rope is £195. Add £25 for each extra meter or take away £15 for each meter less. Colour is additional £30. Add £45 to get a additional attachment point making your rope a cloud. Shipping for UK £20, EU £30, US £50, Austrialia £65. Note there is £7 bank transfer fee or 4.5% paypal fee added for payment with non UK or Swedish accounts. *

Trapeze bar from £150 atm, looking for cheaper options.

Tie dye price starts at £45 for one colour.




The cover is the first thing to wear out, and lasts roughly 1-2 years under normal professional use, 8-10 months if used very heavily or for doubles rope. For extreme use like in busy aerial studios/schools, cover can wear out as quickly as 6-7 months.

For the first re-covering of your rope, we offer a discounted price, 55% of original price but not including postage.

When the cover breaks it slides 15-20 cm from break point and then stops as the cover bunches up. It is not very dramatic, but we obviously recommend professional rope artist to have a back up rope as recover and replacement ropes takes some time to get to you. Before it breaks you can


Leo Hedman

tape over and darn the frayed section to lengthen lifespan of your cover.
Store rope in a dry clean space away from sharp object that can damage the cover. If your rope get wet make sure you dry it quickly as mould can make the fibres weaker. If your rope is dyed try to avoid too much sunlight as that can potentially fade the colours.

(* price quote from May/2019)

Rope bag  


Custom designed rope bags. Available in green, blue, grey and black, and now also RED! Features apart from sturdy padded material and heavy duty zip, hi-wisability colour raincover with dedicated pocket for when not used, another 3 pockets with zipper, plus 5 various size pockets with only elastic openings. Shoulder strap with big padding (not in pictures) and top handle, and some straps and clip on things to keep things in place inside main rope pocket. Also enables shoulder strap to be clipped on to use bag as rucksack. Bags very comfortably fit a 13 m rope.

For now price for bags are £42.

  Rope bags  
Leo Hedman

Colour samples in picture above are from November 2015

We have tried more colurs since, see tie dye pictures and also check our FB group

Leo Hedman